Who is Blue Archipelago Berhad?
Blue Archipelago is a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the strategic investment arm of the government of Malaysia. We are a shrimp aquaculture company dedicated to the production of premium quality seafood for the global market. Blue Archipelago has the following subsidiaries:
  • Arca Biru Sdn Bhd – Grow-out of shrimps in Kerpan, Kedah.
  • iSHARP Sdn Bhd – Grow-out of shrimps in Setiu, Terengganu
  • AB Hatchery Sdn Bhd – Shrimp hatchery in Kerpan, Kedah.
When was Blue Archipelago established?
Blue Archipelago was established on 7th June 2004.
What is aquaculture?
Aquaculture is the production of plants and animals in water. It involves farming the freshwater or saltwater populations in control conditions. Aquaculture has assisted to fulfill the ever increasing demand of seafood consumers worldwide where it contributes to a nation’s economic condition.
What is our business?
We are a producer of Pacific white shrimp also known as penaeus vannamei, harvested via aquaculture technique. We produce 100% safe, high quality shrimps that meet stringent export market criteria.
Where is our business located?

We have three offices location. Our Headquarter is located at Puchong, Bandar Metro Puchong,  Selangor.  Our shrimp farms are located at Kuala Kerpan, Kedah and Setiu, Terengganu where the shrimps are harvested and process.

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What is iKERPAN?

iKERPAN is an integrated aquaculture park, our operations facility located at Kuala Kerpan, Kedah and operated by our subsidiary company Arca Biru Sdn Bhd. It has received Best Aquaculture Practices and Global trust certifications from Global Aquaculture Alliance. In addition also it has been accorded certification by Department of Fisheries, the competent authority in Malaysia to export our shrimps to EU countries. 

Attributes iKERPAN iSHARP
Size 400 hectare 1,000 hectare
1st phase: 432 ha
2nd phase: 568 ha
No of ponds 226 ponds 616  ponds
Pond size 0.8ha 0.5ha
Annual production capacity 3,660MT per annum 3,100MT per annum Phase 1 

5,600MT per annum Phase 2
No of employees 460 staff 700 (approximately) for both phases
Type of shrimps white shrimp (penaeus vannamei)


white shrimp (penaeus vannamei)


What is iSHARP?

iSHARP is Integrated Shrimp Aquaculture Park (iSHARP). Our operations facility located in Setiu and operated by our subsidiary company iSHARP Setiu Sdn Bhd. It will be in full gear in 2015 where target production is 5,600MT per annum. It encompasses an area totaling 1,000ha to be developed in two phases; phase one with 432 ha and phase two at 568 ha.

What is Pelagos?

Pelagos is our winning edge home brand product. There are several types of Pelagos offered:
  • HOSO – Raw Head On Shell On Shrimp
  • HLSO – Raw Headless Shell On Shrimp
  • PDTO/PTO – Raw Peeled Cut Deveined Tail On/ Raw Peeled Pin Deveined Tail On
  • PD(Cut/ Pin Deveined) – Raw Peeled Cut Deveined Tail Off/ Raw Peeled Pin Deveined Tail Off
  • PUD – Raw Peeled Undeveined
What is BACA programme?

The Blue Archipelago Community Alliance (BACA) is our way of giving back to the community, particularly in areas that we operate from. Our BACA initiatives are supported by four pillars known as the 4Es:

  • Ethical Engagement: Conducting all business ethically, whilst protecting, sustaining and enhancing both human and natural resources for the future.
  • Ecology & Environment: Adhering to stringent quality assurance measures and operation techniques to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Education: Focusing on nurturing our human capital resources and young talents through training programs, sponsorship and collaborating in aquaculture research programs.
  • Essentials: Practicing ‘sharing and caring’ by improving the standard of living in the communities we operate from and building relationships of trust as good corporate citizen to boost community awareness.
What is CISA programme?
The 4-level CISA is a carefully designed program in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia. Fondly known as CISA (Certificate in Shrimp Aquaculture) is to equip the workers with vital skills and knowledge in shrimp aquaculture that meets the world standards. It is supported by Malaysian government bodies such as Northern Corridor Implementation Authority and the Department of Fisheries; and recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources.
CISA focuses on both the technical and soft skills in areas relating to shrimp aquaculture as well as personal management and team building. It aims to create a new age farm workers and transform farmers from being just manual laborers to knowledgeable workers. Upon successful completion of all stages, participants will be awarded a certificate which is equivalent to a Diploma.
How to contact BAB?
You can contact us via email at info@bluearchipelago.com or call:(CONTACT US

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How to be BAB’s marketing partner/ distributor?
Please contact our Marketing Department via email info@bluearchipelago.com and attention the title of the email to Marketing Department.