2010 CR Report


The Blue Archipelago Community Alliance (BACA) is our way of giving back to the community, particularly in areas that we operate from. We believe in fostering meaningful alliance with the communities and take concrete steps to ensure that we all grow and flourish together.

In supporting towards our BACA’s efforts, various activitieshas been done in 2010 to reach out to our stakeholders. It covers all of the4Es pillars; ethical engagement, ecology and environment, education andessentials.

  • Ethical Engagement

Blue Archipelago contributes directly to the development of rural communitiesthrough employment and education opportunities. We help customers, suppliers, employees and local communities pursue local prosperity through our activities. We engage with our stakeholders through sessions namely ‘Majlis Mesra Masyarakat’ and ‘Roundtable Discussion’, for a two-way communication whilst reflecting social feedback on our business strategy, and operations to help resolve the social, economic and environmental issues confronting society. We also collaborate with local authorities as part of ongoing efforts to resolve local community issues.

  • Ecology & Environment

We are committed to conservation of resources and the preservation of the environment and ecological system. Our goal is to achieve a more sustainable society by promoting processes/technologies that will lower natural resource consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. Our environmental management system measures our environment performance through periodic monitoring on waste water discharge. We believe that we are in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We also ask our contractors to promote environmental management system and adhere to the Department of Environmental and other relevant bodies’ requirements.

We have a safety, health and environment (SHE) policy which is shared with our employees. This policy affirms that Blue Archipelago and its people adopt the safest and healthiest conditions in compliance with relevant statutory and company requirements in its productive and non-productive activities. We will continue to contribute to a healthy, safe and comfortable lifestyle and environmental around our operations.

The installation of iSHARP, Setiu, seawater intake pipe has been fully completed. As responsible corporate citizen, we have restored the beach at Penarik, (where the pipes were earlier assembled) to its original state. This helps to provide a safe and smooth passage for the fishermen to land. Together with the members of the village committee, Jawatankuasa Kerja Kampung and the affected fishermen, a joint inspection was conducted. Earlier, we held a briefing session to the fishermen to brief them on the project and request for their understanding to bear with us while the work is on progress.

In our effort to promote a safer environment, we organized a ‘gotong royong’ to repair the road at Kampung Gandai in Kerpan, Kedah. The road is now safe to for use by all lights vehicles.

  • Education

Our philosophy is that the man closest to the shrimp must be the most knowledgeable. This is precisely why Blue Archipelago has
implemented a training program, Certificate in Shrimp Aquaculture (CISA), to facilitate their transformation to a ‘knowledgeable and professional’ worker. The four-level CISA, which is equivalent to a diploma is a carefully designed program with Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Blue Archipelago is committed to developing its human capital. Recently, 14 apprentices were selected to undergo a 12-month training under the inaugural Aquaculture Management and Leadership Program to fully equip them with the vital skills and knowledge in shrimp aquaculture that meets world standards.

Recognizing the importance to improving the standard of English language amongst our school children, we have introduced “English on Wheels”, a mobile ‘English books only’ library at Kerpan, Kedah to prepare them for the global community. We also organized free tuition for Standard 6 and Form 3 students to better equip them in their preparation for the UPSR and PMR examinations respectively. Due to positive feedbacks and support for the programs, we are planning to reach out to more students next year.

Apart from focusing on trainings and organizing programs for the well being of our students, next year we plan to promote ‘food safety’ awareness to the mass and alert them on the importance of knowing the source/origin and the safety status of the food they consume, particularly shrimp.

  • Essentials

We are also involved in various goodwill activities that are essential to be closer to the communities. During the fasting month of Ramadan, we organized several ‘buka puasa and moreh’ events both at Kerpan, in Kedah and Setiu, in Terengganu to foster better relations with the community there.

We also contributed food stuff and cash to 12 hardcore poor families in the district of Setiu, Terengganu, bringing cheer to them in welcoming Aidil Fitri. In the spreading the joy of Aidil Fitri, our staff in Kerpan, Kedah brought 10 senior citizens from Rumah Sejahtera Baitul Hanan out on a shopping trip for their ‘baju raya’. Many of them have not been donning new clothes for years.

As the last quarter of the year is usually affected by the monsoon season, we have instructed our staff to be on alert and extend our assistance in any way we can, such as lending our boats to the authorities to deploy people affected by floods to safer grounds, providing relief and any forms of assistance needed.

Other notable gesture includes our staff in Setiu’s response to the call from the blood bank of Kota Bahru Medical Centre.

Employing People with Disabilities: In every job interview fair we organized, we do not rule out the disable job seekers and give them fair evaluation for relevant positions suitable to their qualification. Currently, we have one visually impaired staff on board.

Sports: Sporting activities inculcate important qualities such as leadership, team spirit, perseverance, discipline and focus.  We believe that these qualities are not just useful on the field but on other aspects of life. Collaborating with Persatuan Bola Sepak Daerah Setiu, we organized a 3-day Soccer Tournament which received overwhelming response with the participation of more than 80 teams for both the Youth and Under-12 categories. The event was a huge success and everyone is looking forward to the tournament next year.


Blue Archipelago Berhad is consistently involved with the communities it touches. We actively collaborate with local authorities and engage with our stakeholders to better understand and respond their needs. We pride ourselves as proactively meeting their needs whilst protecting, sustaining and enhancing the future through our motto – Quality, Safety and Ecology. We aim to ensure that our existing business activities are profitable and well nurture so that our future generations can continue to thrive.

CR Pictures

Gotong Royong at Kampung Gandai