The Blue Archipelago Community Alliance (BACA) is our way of giving back to the community, particularly in areas that we operate from. We believe in fostering meaningful alliance with the communities and take concrete steps to ensure that we all grow and flourish together. Our BACA initiatives are supported by four pillars known as the 4Es :

  • Ethical Engagement : Conducting all business ethically, whilst protecting, sustaining and enhancing both human and natural resources for the future.
  • Ecology & Environment : Adhering to stringent quality assurance measures and operation techniques to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Education : Focusing on nurturing our human capital resources and young talents through training programs, sponsorship and collaborating in aquaculture research programs.
  • Essentials : Practicing ‘sharing and caring’ by improving the standard of living in the communities we operate from and building relationships of trust as good corporate citizen to boost community awareness.