iKERPAN (Integrated Kerpan), located on a 368 ha site in Kuala Kerpan, Kedah, is managed by Arca Biru Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Archipelago Berhad since January 2008.

Arca Biru and Blue Archipelago have transformed iKERPAN into a fully integrated aquaculture park that consists of grow out ponds, hatchery and processing plant. With 400 employees, iKerpan’s assets are capable of producing 2,200 MT on shrimps (both vannamei and monodon), 300 million post larvae per annum and 10MT of processed shrimps per day. 99% of iKerpan’s employees are Malaysian.

iKERPAN grow-out ponds are certified under MyGAP, FQC and BAP while its Processing Plant carries HACCP, Global Trust Certifications and HALAL certifications with exporting capacity to the European countries.