Located in Setiu, Terengganu, iSHARP is a Fully Intergrated Aquaculture Park developed by Blue Archipelago Berhad for shrimp farming in an orderly and controlled manner. iSHARP has been identified as one of the High Impact Project by YAB Perdana Menteri that represents a unique private and public partnership.

Encompasses an area totaling 1,000ha, to be developed into two phases;
Phase 1 covering an area of 432 ha and Phase 2 of 568 ha. Phase 1 of iSHARP comprising of 216 ponds has started operations with a production capacity of 3,100MT per annum.
Phase 2 on the other hand will have 400 ponds capable of producing another 5,600MT per annum. iSHARP will be complemented by a dedicated processing plant with a capacity of processing 20MT per day and a hatchery slated to produce 1.5 billion PLS per annum. iSHARP is targeted to employed 465 locals by 2015 which contribute to the growth of income of the population in Setiu.

iSHARP is an innovative approach targeted to provide the following benefits:

  • To encouraged cooperation between Private Sectors, State Government of Terengganu and Federal Government to stimulate aquaculture industries and it’s modernization
  • To deliver high quality and consistent certified products for premiums markets
  • To develop Malaysian local brand in international market
  • To create employment and generate source of income in rural areas especially in the district of Setiu
  • To create business opportunity and economic activities for small and medium entrepreneurs in aquaculture industries and for support assistance
  • To be a sustainable aquaculture business model socially and economically.