Our facility has received certifications from accredited bodies in aquaculture practices in recognition of our efforts in producing shrimps that are safe, high quality and sustainable. It includes Best Aquaculture Practices and certificates by Global Aquaculture Alliance, Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and EU number certification from Ministry of Health Malaysia. In addition, iKERPAN also has been accorded certification by Department of Fisheries, the competent authority in Malaysia to export shrimps to EU countries.

Full Certification of EU Number
Sijil Pengesahan HALAL
Sijil Pemeriksaan Keselamatan Makanan
Malaysia Aquaculture Farm Certification Scheme
BAP certified
Sijil GMP 1Malaysia
Sijil HACCP 1Malaysia
Fish Quality Certificate
Kelulusan Sijil Kualiti Ikan
Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6: July 2011 BRC Global Standards for food safety Good Aquaculture Practice Certificates