Our Winning Edge

We offer premium taste and freshness, consistent colour and yield as our shrimps are farmed through sustainable means. Our secret for high global standard shrimps with excellent taste and texture is our on-site advanced processing plant that maintains harvest freshness. Farmed through sustainable means, it offers premium taste and freshness, with consistent color and yield. In short, from harvest to home, pond to plate, our produce is fully traceable and environmentally friendly.

4-StarProduct Traceability
From hatchery to processing, stringent bio-security standards are adopted to maintain peak quality and ensure excellent traceability.


Less Than 1 Hour from Farm to Processing Plant

Within an hour, harvested shrimps are transported from our farm to the processing plant and frozen to -20OC. This ensures minimal environmental exposure to the shrimps, hence retaining the highest product freshness possible, even after it is frozen.

jetty-kerpanFull Strength Seawater Culture for Tastier Shrimp

Full strength Seawater Culture for tastier shrimps. The water is channeled into the farm by a 2.8 km seawater system and discharged to the river after a series of retention and treatment ponds ensuring the local environment remains unaffected.

100% No Antibiotics and Hormones

Our shrimps are chemical free with no antibiotics or hormones. Not only are they safe for consumption, our high quality water also enhances their taste and our farming techniques preserve their natural texture.

Fully Lined Ponds and Ideal Weather Conditions

Malaysia’s tropical climate allows for continuous shrimp farming. This is an advantage as we can practice staggered stocking and carry our harvesting plans for our live shrimps. These factors are vital in delivering consistent yield, size and quality in produce, while allowing for more production cycles per pond. It also ensures that the shrimp colour is dark and consistent all year round.

HALAL, HACCP and EU Approval

Our products has been accorded with HALAL, HACCP and EU certification marking our comitment to produce 100% safe, high quality shrimps that meet stringent global standards.