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Pelagos – Seafood You Can Trust is our winning edge of vannamei shrimp product that has been carefully breed and harvested through sustainable means. It’s freshness and premium taste is maintained via our on-site advance processing plant. With stringent bio-security standard, our product quality is maintained with excellent traceability, which means the origin of the food source is known and the safety is ensured.

Using full strength sea water culture, Pelagos is chemically free with all natural and no antibiotics or hormones usage that is safe for consumption. Frozen at its fresh, Pelagos is transported from farm to the processing plant within an hour to ensure minimal environmental exposure to retain its taste and quality.

Pelagos has made it marks at international market including Japan, US, Canada, Egypt and EU countries. Indeed, it’s Seafood You Can Trust straight to your plate.

Pelagos product range includes:

  • HOSO – Raw Head On Shell On Shrimp
  • HLSO – Raw Headless Shell On Shrimp
  • PDTO/PTO – Raw Peeled Cut Deveined Tail On/ Raw Peeled Pin Deveined Tail On
  • PD(Cut/ Pin Deveined) – Raw Peeled Cut Deveined Tail Off/ Raw Peeled Pin Deveined Tail Off
  • PUD – Raw Peeled Undeveined


  • Peeled, Cut & Deveined
  • Head On Shell On