Why Aquaculture

Aquaculture has assisted fisheries as one of the industry to fulfill the increasing demand of consumers for a sustainable seafood industry. In Malaysia, the government has allocated RM3.8 billion to invest in aquaculture industry in 2011 where it was identified as one of the source for economic growth.

Ministry of Agriculture has recognized aquaculture as one of the high impact project where Pembangunan Zon Industri Akuakultur (ZIA) to be developed for a sustainable food supply.

Therefore Blue Archipelago Berhad (BAB) with cooperation of various parties such as government agencies and the local community are working towards this initiative by the government. BAB produced 100% safe, high quality shrimps that meet stringent export market criteria.

By complying with international standards, BAB will be able to compete with other major professionals thus placing Malaysia’s name to be recognized worldwide.

Among of the certifications received are HALAL certifications, Best Aquaculture Practice and Global Trust from Global Aquaculture Alliance and from Malaysia Department of Fisheries, the competent authority in Malaysia to export our shrimps to EU countries.